Monday, July 4, 2016

Pagan General Beliefs

I don't mind someone asking me about my beliefs. Just as long as they  listen to what I have to say, not being hateful and a have an intelligent conversation. I have studied some of the general beliefs of others.

What you see in Hollywood movies doesn't even come close to portraying what witches and Pagans do in their spiritual practices. There is no “Devil” or “Satan” in our spiritual path; it’s only in monotheistic Abrahamic beliefs. The image of the God Pan was taken as the prototype of the “Devil.” Paganism is an umbrella term for polytheistic beliefs in multiple deities.

We don't just go around and curse whoever we want. Some believe in the 3-fold law also known as Karma. Some of us will bind an abusive person (or bad habits like drug or alcohol abuse) to protect ourselves and loved ones.  Some of us were raised in Christian households and it felt it’s not our true path in this life. We are drawn to nature, care for the Earth and it nurtures our souls.

What we sacrifice are herbs, incense or food for a bountiful harvest to give our thanks to our god(s) for helping or protecting us. Yes, in the past there were human sacrifices but modern day Pagans and Witches don’t do that. A deity is not going to stick around and help you if they don’t get anything in return. Even ancestors need at lest water to stay around. Some deities and ancestors have favorites like alcohol; tobacco; favorite food; a type of flower or herb; ect.

If you ask each Pagan what their beliefs are; you are going to get a different answer. These beliefs are from Pre-Christianity.  Some follow the Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman pantheons and some take from each they studied and form an eclectic belief like I do.

I draw from many pantheons to fit my personal practice but mostly Norse. I study Herbs, Kitchen Witchery, Runes, Crystals and Ceremonial Magic. My Norse patron Goddess and God are Freya (Goddess of Warcraft, Witchcraft, Seer, Love, Sex, and Death) and Thor (Lord of Thunder; Protector of mankind; rules Earth’s fertility and abundance.) My home and hearth Celtic Crone Goddess is Cerridwen (Goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration; Enchantress.) I view the Wiccan Rede as Do No Harm (but take no sh*t!)

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~Lavender Luna’s Cauldron

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