Monday, June 27, 2016


This is merely my experience with White-Lighters and opinion. Many moons ago I was in an online study group with several friends. We would have many discussions about our paths and what we wanted to learn about. One discussions was about Wicca and many didn’t follow that path and why. I said I was Wiccan and I was learning about the “light” and the “dark” side of witchcraft and I felt balance was the key to understand this path. Well this one person was saying I wasn't Wiccan because I was studying both. I was young in my path and I didn't know at the time this person was a “White-Lighter.”

I was a little upset and I started questioning myself for about 20 minutes. A White-Lighter is a disparaging term used to describe a zealot devoted to what they perceive as the good or light side of spirituality and which typically attempts to change, cleanse, destroy, exorcise, or attack that which they perceive as dark, negative, or evil.

I learned that I was right the whole time and the White-Lighter was being prejudice. Wicca is not: black or white; right or wrong; good or bad. Wicca as in Nature is about finding a balance, accepting your dark as well as your light, both are equally important as one could not exist without the other.

If I was wiser at the time I would have explained the Wiccan Rede and the Sabbats to them. Yes the Wiccan Rede states harm none but it also states that we should not allow ourselves to be a victim and have harm done to us. We celebrate the light half and the dark half of the year. To understand light, you must understand darkness first.

If you are going to act like a fundamentalist in the Pagan path then celebrate only the light half of the year. That means no Samhain, Yule and so on. Just please leave us alone and follow your own path and not worry about what we do in ours.

Don't let anyone tell you your path is wrong. Everyone has their own path that fits them personally. Every religion has its fundamentalists. You have to cut these type of people out of your life to have a happy spiritual life.  

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