Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wire Wrapped Crystal or Gemstone Pendent

These wire wrapped crystals or stones are ready to be added to your favorite chain or cord. Each crystal or stone of your choice is wire wrapped with 20 gage wire, 26 gage wire and comes with a card listing the magical properties.

Most crystals absorb the energy around them and should be "cleansed" on a regular basis. If you wish to clear your crystal or stone, a few easy ways to do so are "Smudging" to pass the stone through white sage smoke or lay in salt over night. Crystals may also be "programmed" by the user to achieve healing benefits.
Banded Amethyst
Magical powers: Dreams; overcoming alcoholism; healing; peace; love; courage; happiness; peaceful sleep and psychic ability
Snowflake Obsidian
Magical powers: Protection; grounding; divination; peace; Meditation; protection during psychic work; increases sensitivity to energy
Ocean Green Jasper
Magical powers: Halt hallucinations; promote restful sleep; more sympathetic to other’s emotional and mental states

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