Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pagan Handfasting Athame

A Handfasting athame is a Pagan spiritual tool for handfasting ceremonies to symbolize the union of the God and Goddess.

This beautiful handcrafted athame is corresponded with a Cherry wood handle stained red with an Amethyst to symbolize love; engraved with marriage symbol; engraved in Elder Futhark runes “For so long as love shall last” and comes with a leather sheath.

All my athame blades are made from a repurposed stainless steel kitchen knives with a double edge. This blade is approximately 5" and approximately 13 1/2 " in full length. The sheath is made with leather, stitched with suede cord and coated with an acrylic coating to make the leather more stif. Cracks may appear on the leather during use.

Progress photos:
Selected 2 cherry wood samples from
Cutting the shape of the handle out.
Add the Amethyst and sanding by hand, the shape of the handle.
Engraved the front, back and stained red.
Shaping the leather sheath.
Sewing leather together with suede cord.

Grind a double edge on blade.

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