Monday, July 14, 2014

Pagan Hekate Key Rosary

A Hekate Key Rosary of your choice between 2 key styles. This rosary is made with Black beads to symbolize Hekate and silver beads to symbolize the Moon. Each rosary is blessed and dedicated to Hekate. The length is approximately 12" and bead size may vary. 

Hekate is Queen of the night, Goddess of Witchcraft and among the rulers of Spirit world. She is the queen of the crossroads; Hekate patrols the frontier between life and death. She owns the ultimate skeleton key that unlocks the gates to all realms.

  • She is invoked for justice, especially for sexual crimes against women and girls. 
  • Hekate is petitioned for fertility, especially for female children.
  • She brings victory in battle.
  • Hekate may be invoked for healing, especially if medical solutions have failed. 
  • Hekate can banish ghosts (or produce a ghost infestation).


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